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Natural Skincare vs Eczema

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Let’s demystify the healing benefits of natural ingredients versus eczema. Long story short, do they work? Yes. Is it fast? No.

Susan & Me Omega Moisture Butter

The safe route isn't necessarily the fastest.

Unlike chemically based products, natural ingredients take time to become a part of skin’s natural diet. Think of it as eating healthy to lose weight, it’ll take some time to shave off a few pounds by eating salads and drinking smoothies. To speed up the process, you may use dietary or weight loss supplements, but keeping the weight off is more manual than automatic. This same logic applies to skincare; while you may receive results faster with chemically based products, the long-term results may not be consistent.

Consider developing a long-term healthy diet for your skin. Chemically laden products may help with short term goals but results can vary. The outcome may be good or bad depending on your skin’s reaction as it starts to “eat” these ingredients. At times your body recognizes that the momentum of change is too fast to naturally occur so your skin has an adverse reaction. Another situation is when your skin adapts to the chemicals and develops a dependency on them over time. Upon discontinuing use, your skin goes through withdrawals and symptoms begin to reappear.

Understand that the skin is like a living organism, anything you feed it gets absorbed by your bloodstream. Natural ingredients heal the skin from the inside out; the results take time because you are putting your skin on a new diet. However, the great thing about a natural regimen is that stopping and resuming your routine won’t reverse your progress.

Natural is the New Wave.

Here are some popular natural ingredients and their uses:

Aloe Vera: Can treat minor skin irritations and dry scalp

Coconut Oil: Softens and moisturizes dry skin and hair

Lavender Essential Oil: Treats scalp irritations and soothes troubles skin

Some natural ingredients that help with eczema are shea butter, kokum butter, and lavender essential oil. Shea butter is super moisturizing and enriched with Vitamin E to combat dry skin. Kokum butter is high is potassium which helps heal cracked, damaged skin; it’s perfecting for softening “alligator scales” that appear on the skin as a result of skin diseases. For the itching sensation accompanied by eczema, lavender essential oil provides soothing relief and eases irritation.

Overall, natural ingredients can be the skin’s best friend. You can develop your own recipes at home with a few DIY recipes on the web. Explore which ingredients work best for your skin type and put together a routine.

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