Founded in 2018, Susan & Me is a consciously clean beauty brand focused on transparency and inclusivity.

Our Process

Our Expertise

Our Promise

Harnessing the power of nature, we create non-toxic personal care products with earthly ingredients that improve the health of your skin and hair.

Our formulas are backed by over seven years' of research and include more than fifty raw ingredients ranging from plants and organic butters to therapeutic essential oils. All products are original and created by us with materials that can be easily read and researched. 

To keep it REAL with you.


Our Founder

The granddaughter of a Bahamian seamstress named Susan, our Founder Kesha Nelson-Cofie felt her calling on a ship en route to Nassau, Bahamas. It was a spiritual experience that transformed her DIY self-care regimen into a daily routine for countless men and women. She has since traveled as far as West Africa to connect with her roots and uncover ingredients that let her ancestors shine through her craft.