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When I was born, my mother decided that my middle name should be Susan, in honor of her mother—my Nana. It was Nana’s talent as a seamstress that made me recognize magic was made not only in the womb but also by hand. As a young girl, I threaded needles and watched with admiration as she operated a sewing machine. She weaved love in every stitch and brought smiles in the form of prom or pageant dresses.

During my freshman year of college, I was diagnosed with endocrine disorder. Over time, I experienced breakouts, hair loss, hyperpigmentation, and dry skin. In an attempt to tackle these issues, I became hypersensitive to ingredients in over the counter and prescription medications. Determined to find a solution, I turned to nature for answers and began researching plant and fruit oils. With this newfound knowledge, I learned to create products suited to my needs and safe for my body. 

Nature has always provided for our wellbeing. At Susan & Me, we incorporate nature in your daily beauty regimen. With over forty of earth’s best ingredients, our products are formulated to support skin health, hair growth, and foster positive vibes. All products are original and created by us with your welfare in mind. We uphold the value of authenticity and promise transparency in our formulas. You'll never have to look too hard to figure out What's on the Label. You're worthy of quality and our philosophy is to keep it real so that you can easily research what goes into each product. We want you to not only love, but also understand what you put on your body each day because  #SelfCareisTherapy

Kesha Nelson-Cofie


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