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Susan & Me | A Natural Philosophy

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Using raw materials and therapeutic essential oils, Susan & Me has developed a system of holistic beauty that is safe, effective, and chemical-free . Our formulas are created with ancient skincare ingredients from Africa including Ghanaian shea & cocoa butters and  Egyptian black cumin seed oil. Through our partnerships, we're able to source organic essential oils from distilleries across the world including Corsica, Spain, and Morocco. 

Our Community

Our formulas are created for all skin types and curl patterns. We are committed to providing clean beauty products that support a healthy lifestyle for the everyday woman. 

Our Promise

We’re opposed to synthetic substances that are byproducts of chemical experiments. Susan & Me promises to only use natural ingredients that can be easily read and researched. Upholding this principle ensures our people are not exposed to harmful substances that can potentially disrupt the body’s systems.