I entered the beauty industry because there's a lack of transparency in how products are made. Without a background in chemistry, it's difficult to understand ingredients we often see but can’t pronounce. My mission is to provide women with a universal beauty regimen that is clean, safe, and effective.

Throughout life, I battled a host of skin related issues including eczema, breakouts, and hyperpigmentation. When it came to beauty products, I struggled to find a system that worked for me. Countless times I splurged on skincare in hopes of finding a fail-proof regimen. My daily routine often consisted of several products that were rotated monthly in frantic desperation. This was was poor decision-making on my part because it only aggravated my condition. 

What was I doing wrong? Why isn't this working for me? These were the question I asked myself before I launched an investigation into my skincare products. It was soon discovered that I couldn't understand what I was using or how it was made. This prevented me from getting to the root of my issue. It was this point of defeat that marked a pivotal moment in my skincare journey. Once I realized there were toxic synthetics in my beauty products, I shifted my focus to natural ingredients and learning how to formulate my own skincare.


If I could describe Susan & Me in one word, I'd say it is "ancestral." My Nana (grandmother), Susan, immigrated to the US from Nassau, Bahamas in the early 50's. She was a talented seamstress and did things with a sewing machine that I can only match with shea butter and a hand blender. Many who grow up in the Carribean learn how to be resourceful and create things by hand. This is especially true in the Bahamas where natives are not only famous for their conch fritters, but also for having the most talented basket weavers outside of West Africa. This artistic creativity was passed down to my Nana whose craft was in wielding a needle and to me, through what I have created for you all with Susan & Me.


With Love & Respect,

Kesha "Naa Jata" Nelson-Cofie

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