Dear Ladybugs,

When launching this brand, one of my core values was to provide clean, effective beauty products that are accessible to everyone. Throughout adulthood, I filled various roles in the workplace, from a Barista at a coffee shop to a Relationship Manager at a market intelligence firm. Regardless to how I earned a living, beauty and skincare was always part of my budget. Being conscious of that, it is always in my heart that Susan & Me be accessible to every supportive ladybug no matter what her professional experience entails.
As of now, times have drastically changed. The prevailing macroeconomic trends has forced us to adapt from a business perspective. Due to increased costs sparked by the global trade war, scarcity of ingredients, and supply chain shocks caused by the pandemic, we’ve had to raise our prices by a fair and moderate amount. Many of our long-standing suppliers are US-based family-owned businesses. Rather than explore other options, we chose to face these constraints alongside them. In doing so, we maintain our standards and deliver the same quality products that you have come to love.

To show our love and appreciation for you, we are offering free flat rate shipping for all orders $40 and under until November 1, 2020. Thank you so, so much for your understanding and unwavering support.


With Love & Gratitude,