Kesha Nelson-Cofie


Throughout life, I battled a host of issues including eczema and hormonal breakouts. When it came to beauty products, I struggled to find a system that worked for me. I asked myself “what am I doing wrong?” and “why isn’t this working for me?” Frustrated, I began investigating the products I was using and realized there were more synthetic substances than wholesome materials. This encouraged me to develop my own process using the benefits of natural ingredients. 

In the months to follow, it was an uphill battle involving hours of research and a ton of trial and error. After numerous variations, in 2014, I produced my first successful formula. My skin improved significantly because I chose ingredients that specifically addressed my skin goals. As my skills evolved, I developed a regimen that helped reduce my exposure to chemicals in beauty products. 

If I could describe Susan & Me in one word, I’d choose "ancestral." As a young girl, I threaded needles for my grandmother while she sewed, and it inspired me to be creative. While on cruise to the Bahamas, her homeland, that’s when everything “clicked.” There on the main deck, I stood alone staring out across the sea as I sailed on the Middle Passage. I thought of my ancestors and a spark ignited within me. It was no coincidence that I was there, but to remind me of who we are. I am Susan’s granddaughter and this is our story.