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A little ME time is never selfish...

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At Susan & Me, we incorporate nature in your daily beauty regimen. With over forty of earth’s best ingredients, our products are formulated to support skin health, hair growth, and foster positive vibes. All products are original and created by us with your welfare in mind. We uphold the value of authenticity and promise transparency in our formulas. 

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Skin's Best Friend

Contains essential fatty acids and nutrients that improve the texture and quality of skin

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Full Transparency

We specialize in over 40 natural ingredients proven to support the health of skin and hair. Our commitment to transparency ensures our ingredients can be easily read and researched.

What's on the Label?

We'd Love to Work with You!

Susan & Me is an emerging brand in the clean beauty space. Our mission is to provide nature-focused beauty products that support a healthy lifestyle. In identifying advocates for clean and inclusive brands, we came across your profile and would love to collaborate with you!

Collaboration Brief

Social Media Platform: Instagram | Tik Tok

Content Type: Video (30 – 59 seconds)

Content Advisory:

  • Video must not contain text

  • Cover Photo Preference: Pose with product or hand photo with product


Subject: Application and Texture


Simply Even Tone Perfecting Butter:

Applying cream to forearm, shoulder, chest region and neck, or wherever minor scars/bruising exist on skin’s surface. Voice commentary optional – can be in post caption


Seeds of Kebu Shower Gel and Organic Exfoliating Washcloth:

Applying shower gel to washcloth. Place under running water and create foaming lather.

Optional: bathing application of forearm(s) or lower leg(s)

Voice commentary optional – can be in post caption


Hashtags: #susanandme #simplyeven #tpbutter #selfcareistherapy


Key Points:

We have an interactive ingredient list on product pages for the Tone Perfecting Butter and Shower Gel. Highlight brand specializes in over 40 natural ingredients that you can research on brand’s website.

Delivery: posts must be submitted for review within two weeks of receiving product.


Additional Perks: Giveaway opportunities available! 

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Ready to Get Started?

Use this form to provide us with your shipping information. Please ensure mail-forwarding is enabled when necessary and that packages are being mailed to a secure location. You will be provided with tracking information once packages are sent out. 

Questions or Concerns?

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